About JZ Companies

Whether you hire us to complete a tenant buildout, building from the groundup, or redevelop a shopping center, you can be assured of getting a team of professionals who will put your job first.

Commercial Development & Property Improvement

A management team that can lead the way through the complex steps to make that vision a reality.

Construction & Commercial Contracting

Effective oversight of all subcontractors and trades, a high level of professionalism, and creative solutions.

JZ's Suppliers, Technicians, Tradesmen, and Artisans

Longterm relationships that we have developed with many of our contractors speak to their commitment to excellence.

JZ On-Site Project Management

Handson from start to finish, giving you and your job the personal attention they deserve.

Jeff Samuelson

Jeff Samuelson, AIA, NCARB

Founder & Managing Principal, since 1996

Jeff brings a unique blend of skills and experience to his role as leader of JZ Companies. As a registered architect, he casts a critical eye on every construction project, leveraging his expertise in building and development with his understanding of design and aesthetics.

Because of Jeff’s training, he’s able to see construction documents from the perspective of an architect AND an experienced general contractor — making suggestions that cut costs and improving functionality before the ground is ever broken. Combined with his decades of experience in the building industry, his love for creating buildings of lasting value, and his track record for moving projects over, around, and through obstacles, Jeff has positioned JZ Companies as a small business that’s truly a leader in the market.

As a member of the Ohio Board of Building Standards since 2012, Jeff is an acknowledged leader in the industry statewide. He also serves in various leadership positions on boards in the cities of Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus, Ohio.

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Your Construction Project

Our managers are OSHA trained & certified

Our managers don’t just “drop in” on a project; we are hands-on from start to finish, giving you and your job the personal attention they deserve. Our project managers and supervisors have a wealth of experience in the construction management industry, and that means your job will be handled with a high level of skill and efficiency. We have an excellent track record in all aspects of project management.

  • Budgeting / Cost Controls
  • Scheduling
  • Site Safety / OSHA Compliance
  • Customer Service
  • Quality Assurance
  • Contract Administration
  • Subcontractor / Crew Supervision
  • Change Order Management
  • Conceptual / Detail Estimating
  • Resource Allocation

JZ Companies’ Subcontractors

JZ Companies works with a team of subcontractors who contribute significantly to the success of our business. These professionals must meet the same high standards for quality and safety that we demand of ourselves and our employees, and we choose them carefully for the value that they bring to your project.

To ensure that we partner with top-notch subs, we work closely with them, continuously monitoring their processes and analyzing their pricing methods. We also maintain open lines of communication among the building owners, trades, and contractors, which increases the efficiency and cooperation needed to get your job done right.

The long-term relationships that we have developed with many of our contractors speak to their commitment to excellence. Only those who we trust to do right by our clients stay on our preferred list of suppliers, technicians, tradesmen, and artisans.